Fast Facts and Bell Times


The patron saint of the school is known for preaching "Prepare the way of the Lord, Make his paths straight" - Matthew 3:3. St. John the Baptist is also famous for announcing the coming of Jesus and then baptizing Jesus Christ our Lord. This school's name honours the prominent place of St. John the Baptist in our Catholic faith. St. John's Elementary School, as it was originally called, was founded in 1945 and was located at 746 Jane St.

In October of 1995 St. John's celebrated its 50th anniversary with over 600 people in attendance. On October 22nd, 2004, a Sod Turning ceremony was held at the new and present site on 746 Park St. The new school now called St. John Catholic Elementary School opened in September 2005. The Official Opening and Blessing of the school took place on October 23rd, 2005.

Our school community continues the tradition of praying the St. John the Baptist school prayer.

St. John the Baptist School Prayer

Saint John, special friend of Jesus,

You gave the fit of peace to us.

Please help all children everywhere

Fill us with the joy of God every day.

Remind us to show his love in every way.

Give us the wisdom to act with compassion.

Saint John the Baptist, pray for us.


Bell Times

Each school day has the following schedule: 

9:05 A.M.  Entry Bell

10:33 A.M. - 10:48 A.M. Recess

12:10 P.M - 12:30 P.M Lunch

12:30 P.M - 1:10 P.M. Lunch recess

2:32 P.M. - 2:47 P.M. Recess

3:35 P.M. Dismissal 

Parish Information

St. John Catholic Elementary School is a welcoming community with a mission to assist all students to achieve their spiritual, physical, intellectual and emotional potential in a caring environment.

Academic programs at St. John's exist within a spiritual orientation based on the Catholic faith. The tone of the school reflects a theme of respect and responsibility, a collaborative approach to problem solving, and a community focus made up of students, staff, parents, parish, and the wider community. You can read our Catholic Graduate Expectations (CGE) for additional information.

The school comes together to celebrate monthly school masses with its affiliated parish, St. John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church, led by Fr. Salvador

St. John Catholic Church

St. John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church

300 Wilson Avenue

Peterborough, Ontario

K9J 1T2

Tel: 705-745-7631