Welcome St John’s Library

Upon entering the library the environment is welcoming for staff, students and members of the community. The space is set up for both learning and relaxation.

Our Library Resource Centre is open to students throughout the school day. Each grade visits the Library at least once a week to sign out books and access learning materials.

The library has experienced change and growth over the years. The SmartBoard and Technology Cart have been great additions to the library.

St John’s is part of the 21st Century Library project. Through this project the library has been granted a technology cart that holds netbooks, and iPads. Both staff and students continue to discover and learn through the use of the devices both in and out of the library.

A variety of resources such as videos, CDs, professional, fiction, non-fiction, and picture books support the curriculum and faith. Each class visits the library once a week. During these visits students have a chance to exchange their books and learn more about the library.

If you are at one of our schools, your can search all of the PVNC library's resource here.